Monday, 29 February 2016

Brighton Half Marathon

Hi again,

I feel so brilliant at the moment!  Yesterday I completed the Brighton Half Marathon in 2hrs 4mins.  I feel elated to have achieved this after the few months I've had.  This is a clear example of when I haven't let depression dictate my life!  I was close to not running at all.  running-from-depression
During  the race, in the last 3 miles, I wanted to give up but my resilient nature refused to quit.

At mile 11, I hit my wall, started to doubt myself and I seriously slowed down to almost a walk.  The crowd cheered me on and a complete stranger coaxed me forward and helped me to get back on track.  Thank you whoever you are!  The kindness of strangers always surprises me and you do feel a unique special bond when running together.

My legs are extremely sore and tight and I have been like a complete zombie all day, but my suffering has all been worth it.  When I began to struggle, I thought of my blog, the readers and how I could not bare the thought of having to write that I'd given up.  I am a strong person, even if my mental health can make me feel very weak at times.  Completing this run has boosted my confidence and I feel fantastic!  It really is amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it!

Thank you for all the supportive tweets and kind messages.

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