Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The power of music on the mind

Hello readers,

Thank you for sharing my experiences so far.  Please feel free to share yours.

This evening, I am sat at home by my lovely log fire and I'm listening to Sia's new album: This is Acting.  I listen to music a lot and it has always been there during my low points.  I remember being at home alone when I briefly dropped out of A levels due to depression.  I used to lay in bed playing CDs on repeat.  It was as if the music gave me the right to cry, to let out my emotions.  It was ok to sob along to Mariah or Whitney and I felt a great sense of release and power doing it.

I also remember playing Florence and the Machine's 'Shake It Off' constantly when trying to get over an unhealthy relationship.  I felt dreadful because we were punishing each other and playing intricate mind games which I couldn't handle.  When feeling completely crazy, I would holler each word out loud and proud and I could almost feel the devil lifting from my back.  Nothing had changed but I was building my strength through song.

Music can heighten the mood I already have or it can drag me out of a pit.  One of the best cures for my depression is a good old fashioned sing song.  Singing just seems to make me smile inside and out, even though I am terrible.  My favourite sing-a-long song has to be the completely dramatic 'Chandelier' by Sia.  You have to prance about as soon as it starts!

I also love songs that take over your body and force you to dance.  Songs like: Whitney, 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody'; Taylor Swift, 'Shake It Off' and dare I say it, Justin Bieber's, 'Sorry'.  They have this magnetic force which my hips can't resist!!  My favourite thing is going all out on the dance floor and feeling completely alive and care free.

Have you ever been walking along a busy street when your favourite song comes on your headphones and before you know it, your screaming out the words, only to find passers by staring and taking the mick?  I love those 'music video' moments when you get completely engrossed in the lyrics and imagine yourself pouting or crying into the camera!

Today (my dad's birthday - see yesterday's blog entry) I have played Kelly Clarkson's 'Piece by Piece' several times because it reminds me of my dad and the mistakes I won't make.  It makes me feel strong.  I picture myself saying the words to my dad.

Try it...whether you have records, CDs or I tunes, blast out a song that allows you to cry, sing, dance or laugh.  Any response is a good one.

Won't be beaten.

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