Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Teaching and depression - the perfect team?

Hello to anyone reading,

It's my second post in 2 days - I'm keen!

I've had a tough day at school today.  At the moment everyday feels tough.  I'm a Year group leader so I am constantly bombarded with all kinds of problems that I'm expected to solve, even though I am a full time teacher too! 
I'm not sure that being a teacher suits me really.  I am good with kids and they do make progress but I am always shattered and grumpy at home.  My evenings are spent sat in front of the TV feeling glum.  I try to do things such as: gym, drinks, dinner, cinema but I feel too tired and often cancel.  I never have energy in the evenings - my body feels like I have arthritis sometimes and every movement is a struggle.

I hate having every minute of my day accounted for with lessons, meetings, break times and assemblies; there is no time to just sit and chill, and if you do manage it, then you can be rest assured that some ridiculous colleague will come and disturb you with a silly problem that they could solve if they actually used a brain cell.

I love being calm and I don't get to feel like that very often at school.  I think teaching adds to my dislike of socialising too as I spent all day talking and being around frustrating people (adults) so when I have free time, I just want to shut down!

Recently, I've been thinking of alternate careers which could still stimulate me but not take over my life so much...I'm stumped!  A professional blogger would be brilliant but I'll need to get a few more readers than me, myself and I!  What do other people with depression do?  Do they manage a successful career?

For now, I'll ponder my life choices while I 'charge up' (my boyfriend's description) with the light box.  I will evaluate the effectiveness of the light box soon...

We won't be beaten :)

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