Friday, 29 January 2016

Depression: it's not all bad!

Hi there,

I've just rushed through the busy streets getting completely drenched whilst listening to Taylor Swift, 1989 - a great album from start to finish (if you like chart music).  You'll be pleased to know I got my train: and a seat!
Today has been a strange one.  This morning I felt completely drained and basically shuffled to school.  The kids were on top form though and managed to lift my spirits.  Suddenly I remember why I teach.  The working week is done and I'm feeling good for the first time all week.  I'm looking forward to spending time with my boyfriend's family and just relaxing in the countryside.  Escaping your home city is so important as I truly believe that a change from routine allows your mind to have a reshuffle and forget the daily pressures all around us.

Depression is a funny thing isn't it.  I feel tired today but otherwise normal.  How is it that in one day I've gone from complete misery to fine?  It's important to remember that no matter how low you feel, it never lasts forever - well as long as you are reasonably looking after yourself.  Even if that's all you achieve in a day, you have to make sure you eat, sleep and meet your bodies basic needs.

The cycle I find myself in can be so unpredictable and depression can take me by complete surprise.  I do know that lack of sleep is a huge factor.  I get very low when I'm over tired.  I think my body is very sensitive to change.  I get cranky when hungry and spotty when stressed.

As I say, I'm really looking forward to a calm weekend, which is just what I need.  I don't get to see my boyfriend much in the week due to different schedules so spending time with him will really help me maintain this new found positivity!

I hope you have a positive weekend but if you don't then remember that it's not all bad and things will change.

We won't be beaten :)

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  1. Keep blogging - you're not alone in this roller coaster ride!

    1. Thank you: I'm trying to help myself and hopefully others at the same time.